How protected is your workspace environment?

Phishing Attacks: 91% of attacks start with a phishing email. Targeted threats are extremely tough to detect.
Malicious Attachments: 66% of malware was installed via malicious emails & attachments. 4.3x more malware received by corporate inbox than end-user inbox. Attackers rapidly change tactics to defeat email security measures.
Data Breach: 90% of all reported breaches caused by employee negligence, extortion & external threats. Lack of admin controls on user emails makes remediation particularly hard.
Ransomware: 15 x increase in ransomware losses from 2015-2017. Inconsistent back-ups increase the risk of business continuity.

Fronde's Google Workspace Security Assessment

Fronde’s Google Workspace (previously known as G Suite) Security Assessment provides a qualitative analysis of your configuration and processes: supported by Google’s recommended best practices.

The assessment focuses on the following areas:

  • Preventing spoofing, phishing and malware
  • Preventing account compromise
  • Managing privileged access (including 2FA)
  • Preventing data loss
  • Managing 3rd party application access
  • Alerting and incident response

The results provide clear insight into your current security health and identifies key areas for further improvement and recommend next steps. A small engagement with us will get you a detailed security assessment report with implementation recommendations.

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