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About Seisma Group

Seisma Group believes in creating opportunities. Opportunities for rewarding work. Opportunities to join our mission to become the largest, 100% Australian and New Zealand-owned IT professional services group and to share our commitment to our local economy. Opportunities to commit to the environment, social responsibility and diversity and inclusion.  

We are a Climate Active carbon neutral organisation and have joined the Pledge 1% promise to give back to less advantaged communities. Our focus is on becoming an employer of choice for like-minded individuals with a social conscience. Our workforce is expanding around Australia and New Zealand with clients across banking and finance, agriculture, entertainment, government and utilities - and growing!


Seisma has been a part of the IT services space since we first registered in April 2004 – and it has been quite the journey! From our early days as an augmentation company to becoming part of a larger group. In October 2020, enterprise investors Liverpool Partners recognised our management teams’ experience and invested in Seisma. Together we aim to create a premier IT professional services company and remain 100% Australian and New Zealand owned.

As Seisma, we reclaim our roots as an IT services provider, but we have become so much more! In 2020 we acquired coIB – cloud migration specialists who added an entire business function and a diverse team with incredible experience in workplace modernisation and cloud migration.

In July 2021, we purchased Smartapps and instantly grew our capability in the Salesforce digital platform space. Along with expertise in assisting government departments with modernisation of tenders and public record information. Not to mention a group of fantastic team members both here and in New Zealand.

Just two months later, we acquired Braestone – who bring an entire workforce and knowledge in business analysis, intelligent systems architecture and capabilities that perfectly complement our existing suite. Our newest team is predominantly in WA, but the skills and capabilities that are now part of the Seisma Group create incredible business opportunities for our east coast customers who benefit from over 20 years of knowledge and practical application. In the same way that our existing services and abilities will benefit the West.

The end goal for Seisma is to become a leading IT professional services group and remain not only 100% Australian and New Zealand owned but actively contribute investment returns to our local economy, which we do via our superannuation fund investors.

We focus on providing Australian and New Zealand enterprise partners with a group who can meet their end to end business needs and are committed to environmental social responsibility and diversity & inclusion. It is not an either-or proposition. We commit to being good and doing good.

Our journey is to gather the best and brightest minds and build incredible expertise within our teams to help our customers’ businesses thrive.

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