Rapidly Modernise your Business

Fronde specialises in application modernisation, cloud infrastructure and service integration to power business transformation.

Create agility and future-proof your organisation with Fronde’s modernisation services.

Success with digital modernisation starts with integrated technology, both application and infrastructure modernisation and organisational agility. We have a unique combination of expertise in both hybrid and multi-cloud technologies, and access to the world's best Cloud partners (AWS, Salesforce, Google and more) to enable you to power your business modernisation at any time.

Our approach to modernising your application portfolio ensures continuous cycles of success and stakeholder alignment. Making the most of new, current and emerging technology to meet your business goals, now and in the future.

Modernising applications and ecosystems is at the heart of Fronde. Choose Fronde as your modernisation partner to get an agile approach to help you unify both your digital and business strategies together -  taking you to the cloud, so that your organisation can run anywhere, at any time, on the cloud.

Talk to us about assessing your digital maturity and how to unify your digital & business strategies.

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Our Modernisation Services include:

Application Modernisation.

Fronde Application Modernisation is about rapidly enabling your business to realise the benefits of modern cloud solutions. As you look to modernise your business, we modernise your application stack to deliver a unified digital and business strategy.

Our Digital Business Maturity assessment helps you identify where to start, we help you choose the right pathway to success backed up with the digital skills and expertise to replace, refactor and rearchitect legacy applications to take full advantage of scalability, resilience and cost of Cloud Platforms.

Serverless Development.

Serverless is a computing model that allows organisations to consume and pay for the execution of code they need for each distinct action. While many organisations are focused on modern development techniques including containerisation, most are unaware of the dramatic increase in development velocity and exponentially lower Total Cost of Ownership of incorporating serverless into their development projects.

Talk to us about integrating serverless into your development projects today!

Rapid Cloud Deployment.

Fronde’s Rapid Cloud Deployment is a proven methodology that helps businesses confidently navigate through this process. Our integration expertise with the world's best cloud platforms combined with rapid design thinking and prototyping enables us to stand up working solutions that can be placed in the hands of users within days instead of weeks or months.

Our recent iQuarantine application was developed in less than 2 weeks in partnership with Alphero and NEC Corporation and is a good example of how this methodology supported a big problem that was tackled rapidly in times of crisis.

Digital Initiative Roadmap

How can you get your technology to work better, smarter and harder for your business? In a way that will improve not only your employee and customer experience, but be good for the bottom line of your organisation? The answer is unifying your platforms. By integrating your applications, you create the agility, scale and speed required to compete and stay relevant in today’s digital economy.

Take the first steps with Fronde's Digital Initiative Roadmap which starts with aligning your digital and business stakeholders then mapping out a future pathway to a successful return on your next digital investment.