Cloud & Infrastructure Services

We provide a range of flexible consulting and professional services tailored to meet your unique business requirements.

Fronde specialises in modern applications, cloud infrastructure and service integration to power business transformation.

We have expertise and experience in hybrid and multi-cloud transitions across a range of leading cloud services, including Google, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Salesforce, Ping identity management, and integration with private cloud and Microsoft services.

Our Cloud Transition Services enable enterprises and the public sector to adopt and transition to cloud software, platforms and services.

Our Cloud Infrastructure Support Services are designed to support customers in envisaging, designing, implementing and supporting business solutions built on cloud infrastructure and application services.

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Our cloud transition services

Price range and online assessment details
Price range and online assessment details
Price range and online assessment details
Price range and online assessment details

Our cloud infrastructure services

Infrastructure Consulting & Advisory

Infrastructure Consulting & Advisory helps agencies understand the complexities, opportunities and benefits of transforming infrastructure and implementing business transformation.

Cloud Services Support

Cloud Services Support provides an extra pair of hands to manage and operate your cloud services. We can supply or source PS resources to supplement or backfill your own team, or take responsibility for supporting a subset of your cloud infrastructure.

Application Infrastructure Support

Application Infrastructure Support provides support, enhancement or modernisation of customer’s suite of applications and application infrastructure. Application Infrastructure Support can be delivered as a one-off assignment or provided through an on-demand professional services engagement.

Implementation Support

Provides customers with the capability and expertise to implement and transition to cloud-based software and infrastructure, in particular Google, Salesforce, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other cloud-based software solutions.