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Close the gap between existing and desired future digital platform capability through Fronde's integration modernisation expertise and capability.

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Fronde specialises in application modernisation, cloud infrastructure and service integration to power your business transformation.

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Unlock the hidden potential in your workforce with Fronde. Securely and productively work any where, at any time, on any device.

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Reinvent your day-to-day with intelligent lifecycle managed services. Together, we will continually optimise your business for ongoing transformation and success.

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Success Stories

From our customers

"The customised system has given us a 360-degree view of each case as a whole, as well as providing us with a backend financial solution for our business, so it meets both our internal and external requirements equally well."

Anthony Hersch


"I didn’t just want to implement a CRM. I wanted to completely transform the way we operate and ‘do’ business. ECL Group offers some really awesome services; we just needed the technology to keep up with our growth and vision."

Andrew Beaumont


"Building anticipation across the business was key to the Google Cloud transition. We wanted employees to feel completely comfortable with the upcoming change, and be ready to use Google effectively once we went live. I would say the communications leading up to Go Live was a critical factor in the overall success of the implementation."

Dave Wasley

General  Manager Platform & Operations, TRADEME

"Our collaborative relationship with Fronde made it relatively straightforward to overcome the inevitable technical challenges that accompany any new software implementation. The team helped provide a new perspective on how to view the software and encouraged us to let the technology lead the development of our business processes, opening up new opportunities to get value where we might not have expected it."

Sarah Minson

Manager, Operations Strategy & Development & Operations, STATS NZ

When Fronde helped us to move to AWS Serverless, we were able to retire one of our existing integration platforms. This enabled Mercury to achieve cost-savings within the realm of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not only it removed technical debt, we now have visibility of everything that is happening across the platform. We are finding it a much more reliable service, as well.

Christian Wood

Enterprise Platform Lead, Mercury