sends AirBP into the cloud

The right fuel, the right volume, the right quality into the right aircraft, and the right time. Efficiently and effectively.

With the goals of reducing risk and increasing efficiency Fronde and BP have developed a application that is used to assist and direct refueling of Aircraft at Auckland Airport.

The application allows aircraft controllers and pilots to enter fuel orders into the application. The application then validates the order, puts it into a relevant job queue and automatically assesses job priorities. Once orders are ready to be completed, the application delivers the job instruction to the correct fueling truck via a 3G network to fuel truck mounted iPads.

The original version of this application was completely designed and built using standard Salesforce configuration (no code) in less than a month. Since then additional features have been added such as a more custom User Interface and allowing the airline pilots to place their own fuel orders using SMS from their mobile phones which has meant a level of system integration and development.

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