TelstaClear launches BizGlobal with built-in TwoSecure

BizGlobal is TelstraClear's remote access agnostic solution that enables businesses and their staff to connect directly and securely to their private corporate network over the internet. Anywhere. Anytime.

TelstraClear were seeking a secure, scalable two factor authentication product that can be operated by them on a software as a service (SaaS) basis and be delivered as part of their BizGlobal solution.

After an extensive evaluation TelstraClear selected TwoSecure. It provides a second level of authentication by generating a ‘one time' password on the phone that users need to be able to log on to BizGlobal. TwoSecure's java applet can be provisioned to the phones of their BizGlobal users in real-time. No need for TelstraClear to purchase, provision, package and post hardware tokens to their customers.

Offering a mobile phone based two factor solution to their customers ties in with TelstraClear's brand proposition as a telco.

TwoSecure's server platform is designed to support multi-tenanted or SaaS operation out of the box and has been fully TelstraClear branded as part of the BizGlobal offering.

TwoSecure includes a comprehensive administration console out of the box, however TelstraClear have chosen to access this functionality via the exposed web services interfaces and fully integrate TwoSecure service and user administration with their own customer care system.

The first BizGlobal customers to use TwoSecure include law firms, businesses and government agencies.

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