Cloud Solution liberates Localist

Localist is a business subsidiary of NZ Post delivers news and advertising specific to local communities via mobile, online and print channels.

As a new business they had the opportunity to consider all the options when deciding on their business infrastructure.

From a technology point of view, cloud solutions were ideally suited to what Localist needed, they were proven, they were fast to market, they were low cost, and they were scalable.

Partnering with Localist, Fronde enabled them to select and deliver the products and technologies that most met the needs of their business.

All their business systems are based in cloud technology, with Salesforce for CRM, integrated with ipScape - a contact-centre VoIP solution - so all customer interaction is in the same place.

Managers can get real-time figures on the performance of the contact centre staff and salespeople. They can even access this data from a mobile phone.

Google Search appliance is used both across their website and internally in the business, with Google Apps Enterprise platform for email, documents and collaboration.

Their solutions are flexible and affordable, they pay for the capacity as they need it.

Ken Holley, Head of Technology at Localist said,

“We have a solution that is principally invisible to the users, I didn't want technology to be a barrier to the business, I wanted it to be an enabler to the business,”
"We've delivered what the business required, we've delivered on time, we've delivered under budget, and ahead of scope. We delivered more for less and in a shorter time which is pretty incredible, I’ve never been involved in a project that's done that."

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