Fronde smooths out business processes for SkincareStore

Founded in 2007, SkincareStore is one of Australia’s largest online beauty retailers, offering more than 2,400 products from 100 leading brands.

The Customer Challenge

A strong customer focus, reputable advice, and offering free delivery, has seen SkincareStore experience rapid growth in Australia over the last few years. However, with a reliance on Excel spreadsheets, SkincareStore’s old manual systems were proving unscalable and inefficient. Manual intervention was still required to transfer data between applications,causing SkincareStore employees to work across various systems to deliver the high-level of customer service the company brand promised.

Going forward, SkincareStore knew they would need heightened data visibility to be able to create custom reports and drill down into the data to make smart business decisions. Additionally, they would need better back office support to manage increasing traffic and demand placed on the web store, due to seasonality and the company’s aggressive marketing strategy.

The Need

In summary:

  • The company did not want to manage hardware in house, yet wanted to be able to access data from anywhere.
  • In terms of vendor choice, SkincareStore wanted a partner that would provide local support while letting the company add modules and grow as needed.
  • Business continuity was also a key factor in choosing a cloud solution

The Solution

To help SkincareStore solve these challenges and help them achieve their growth aspirations, Fronde recommended cloud based ERP solution NetSuite.

After a full business process review, Fronde set up NetSuite and conducted a data transfer to the new system,including all historic data regarding customers, leads, items and transactions. The solution was customised to Skincare Store’s specific business needs, adding scripts, enabling third-party logistics integration and marketing automation.

As part of the solution Fronde conducted staff training and testing and ongoing support services.

SkincareStore chose Fronde to implement NetSuite, replacing five older systems controlling warehousing, stock levels, customer relationship management (CRM), accounting and the online store.

The Outcome

As a result, SkincareStore has seen improved efficiency across the business. Processes are streamlined and carried out in one system instead of five, which has increased productivity. The system also supports growth, which means staff can focus on the core business instead of managing technology.

The data insight gained from using NetSuite means SkincareStore can identify and respond to opportunities,and improve communication and build stronger relationships with customers.

James Cooper, Online Marketing Manager at SkinCareStore said,

“The solution encompasses all business functions in the cloud, and from that we are experiencing efficiency and cost reduction.”

What's Next?

SkincareStore aims to continue to customise and enhance its use of NetSuite, creating a responsive design to support use of the site on mobile devices, as well as developing more web store features and facilitating further business growth.

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