EROAD develops game changing transport solution

EROAD, in partnership with Fronde, is revolutionising the transport industry in New Zealand and globally through development of disruptive technology to modernise road user charging systems.

EROAD, established as a start up company in 2001, has spent the last few years developing a portfolio of innovative technology solutions for improving Road User Charges (RUC) and overall asset management. The company's vision is to build a business that provides technology-based solutions to drastically improve efficiency in the transport industry.

To do this they adopted a strategy of developing disruptive technology - improving services in ways that the market won't expect. The suite of solutions conceptualised by EROAD required not only advanced on-vehicle hardware, but also a very robust and scalable system architecture and a high security internet-based user application.

EROAD required a partner that could manage the project in a way that would enable the team to adapt quickly to changing requirements, and with the specialist skills in architecture and system development that weren't available in-house.

Fronde was approached based on their reputation for delivering high volume, world-class transaction systems - something that would form an important part of EROAD's eRUC solution.

EROAD won both the HIFX Innovative Service Product Award and the Dell Innovative Hardware Award at the 2010 High-Tech awards

Steve Newman, CEO at EROAD said,

"What made a real difference to the success of this project was the level at which Fronde's people integrated with our own to form one team. It was impossible to work out who was part of Fronde and who was with EROAD; such was everyone's commitment to the success of the project. At EROAD we have a long road map of what we want to achieve as a business and we will definitely be continuing our partnership with Fronde to help us achieve our business objectives."

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