Fronde helps WineMarket grow 650% while keeping costs low.

“All information is held centrally, our business processes are simplified and we’ve got a smooth path to near-infinite growth.”

Customer Success

  • Automated order processing is now handling a 650% increase in orders without requiring manual intervention.
  • Website conversions have increased by 50%; overall customer satisfaction has improved as well.
  • Average customer call-waiting time has dropped to 11 seconds, compared to 45 seconds previously.
  • First-call resolution is 95%; with the outsourced system every call required a callback.
  • Role-based dashboards deliver real-time views into key operating information, reducing the need for specialised reports.


  • Discount online wine seller wanted to maximise growth while keeping costs low.
  • Manual order processing was error-prone and slow, requiring one full-time person to process 100 orders per day.
  • Previous website was difficult to navigate, causing customer conversions to fall, cart abandonment to rise.
  • Outsourced call centre created customer service slowdowns, risked further alienating customers.


  • WineMarket replaced small-business ecommerce software and manual systems with NetSuite OneWorld.
  • NetSuite OneWorld was selected for its multi-subsidiary, multi-currency cloud architecture, which supplies cost-effective, seamless migration for international growth.
  • WineMarket created a new customer call centre for sales and support inquiries, and used NetSuite partner Online One to integrate its operations with sister companies’ logistics systems.
  • Advanced inventory functions help WineMarket keep billings up to date by tracking activities of complex consignment sales.

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