Fronde liberates Mad Pizza to prepare for expansion and franchising

What does operations liberation mean?

Business Management in the cloud. Take your operations to the cloud to liberate your business from the limitations, cost, and complexity of traditional software solutions.

Today’s fast-changing markets demand innovation from all areas of your business. Too often, the complex systems which run your operating processes are designed and built for last century’s problems - at a high cost to business performance. Operations Liberation is about rapidly delivering a single business cloud for accounting, distribution, e-commerce and customer management.

By using one consolidated system, you can enable your workforce to innovate and respond to market conditions in real-time. Operations becomes a competitive advantage.


In 2005, Mad Pizza was created following a trip by founder William Matthews across Europe in his quest to experience and bring home the best in flavours, ingredients and produce. Today, Matthew’s quest and vision has grown from one original pizza joint in Darlinghurst, to six locations across Sydney with plans to open more Mad Pizza restaurants.

Dining at Mad Pizza is an experience. It means having a mad, fun time while enjoying both authentic Italian and Australian flavours on super-thin and healthy pizza bases. Australian, privately-owned and managed by a team of in-store and head office personnel - customers are guaranteed the same dining experience no matter which location they choose.

However, running a group of restaurants under one, well defined, and unique brand name is no easy feat. It requires operation processes to be the same, no matter the location, in order to create business efficiencies, visibility and a consistent customer experience.

Mad Pizza quickly recognised that their existing operational processes and IT system were restricting them rather than supporting their business goals. Systems were operated independently of each other, which meant that a large portion of time had to be invested in system maintenance and updates. Operational processes were not streamlined across each restaurant, head office and the warehouse.


Mad Pizza is fiercely set on fast and profitable growth through:

  • Expansion of existing individual bars
  • Opening in new locations
  • Implementing a franchise model

With these plans in mind, they knew they would need an operations management system that:

  • Had the ability to integrate all business functions, including accounting, e-commerce, distribution and customer management), across all bars
  • Provided one ‘true’, very visible version of information, essential for educated decision making.
  • Enabled access to data and processes no matter the location, device or time.

Don McLean, Country Manager at Fronde said,

"NetSuite is a great choice for aspiring or active franchise operations. It is a scalable, cloud-based system, provides maximum data visibility anytime, anywhere and on any device plus, it aligns processes across different locations.”

Liberation Strategy

Mad Pizza partnered with Fronde to help find the most suitable operations management solution. While testing a range of systems, both from a head office and in-store point of view, NetSuite was found to be the most suitable, based on its unique capabilities, local service support, proven benefits and easy to use, customisable features.

NetSuite is a cloud-based, integrated business management system that provides a platform to manage front- and back-office processes including accounting, customer management, e-commerce and distribution.

NetSuite offers Mad Pizza the platform to grow in the most efficient way possible. It will align all operations and eliminate the risk of major disruptions due to IT updates in the future. The investment in NetSuite future-proofs the business and prepares it for a potential roll-out of a franchise concept.

With NetSuite, Mad Pizza’s operations team can be confident to have access to better information to make more informed decisions as well as provide the ‘Mad Pizza experience’ to more people in more innovative ways.

William Matthews, Founder of Mad Pizza said,

"We need to have easy access to all of our business and operations data in real time so that we can make informed decisions for Mad Pizza, quickly. Fronde helped us by truly understanding our business and preparing the implementation of NetSuite based on our growths plans. Our investment in NetSuite means we are future-proofing our business and are ready for a potential franchise concept."

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