Fronde Announcement: Strategic decision around its NetSuite portfolio

Fronde wishes to announce a strategic decision around its current NetSuite portfolio. NetSuite is a cloud-based ERP solution fully owned by Oracle. 

Fronde had NetSuite customers across Australia and New Zealand servicing small to large customers and has sold it to OnlineOne. OnlineOne is an organisation established by Don McLean and Craig Traub, both senior employees of Fronde, with a long history with NetSuite. 

Fronde remains extremely committed to the Australian Market and will continue to focus its efforts on expanding its Google portfolio in this region. This sale aligns with Fronde’s strategy to refine and develop its partnerships, integration and managed services capabilities. 

Jason Delamore, Fronde CEO, said “The sale of our NetSuite practice allows Fronde to consolidate and focus our offerings across our other cloud-based portfolios. Our vision on helping organisations be more productive remains unchanged - through professional services, global platforms and selected applications”.

As part of the sale, all of the current NetSuite customers will transfer to OnlineOne. A majority of Fronde’s NetSuite employees will be employed by OnlineOne, the rest remain employed by Fronde.

The transition was concluded on 8 May 2020 and Fronde is confident OnlineOne will provide excellent service to its current NetSuite customers. Fronde has briefed all the affected customers, and both companies will ensure that customer support is seamless over this period. 

Don McLean, CEO OnlineOne, “ There will be no change for our NetSuite clients who will continue to enjoy their existing relationships with the same people. We look forward to working with them well into the future.”

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