Is Your Security Strategy Match Fit for the New Normal?

Fronde hosted a panel of experts from Google's BeyondCorp, TAB, Education Payroll, ZX Security and CERT NZ to discuss the changing nature of security, brought about by the adoption of cloud and the impact that COVID-19 has had on organisational risk.  

Watch our panel (below) of our experienced business leaders, who are adapting at scale today; and industry experts who explored the emergence of new models such as Zero-Trust Security framework.

Education Payroll & TAB shared how they adapted to lockdown. How they managed remote working, whilst maintaining services to customers, and balancing their security posture.

Local & international security experts discussed what threats have emerged and how the behaviours of malicious attackers have changed as a result of the global shift to remote work. They highlighted what the key watchpoints are for organisations and the considerations business leaders can take to reduce their risk.

We also looked at the emergence of a Zero-Trust approach to security; What is Zero-Trust? What are the enabling capabilities of this framework? What are the business benefits of this framework? And, How can organisations start making a shift to this new approach to security?

Watch the panel below.

Our Panellists

Arlene White - CEO, Education Payroll
Arlene assumed the role of Chief Executive at Education Payroll Limited on 7 February 2018. Prior to that she was the Deputy Commissioner, Service Delivery at Inland Revenue.  A lifelong public servant, Arlene began her career at the Canada Revenue Agency and worked in progressively more responsible roles there, prior to immigrating to NZ in 2012. In her role at the CRA Headquarters as the Assistant Commissioner, Assessment & Benefit Services Branch she was responsible for a large service delivery operation as well as leading several key business transformation initiatives including the development and promotion of electronic services.

Simon Mackay - General Manager Technology, TAB NZ
Simon has a Masters in Systems Engineering and is a commercially focused Senior Executive. He is practised in delivering improved business performance and driving organisational capability improvement across technology, people, culture, systems and processes.  He is experienced in enabling business through technology and building organisational capability to manage growth organisations, accelerating digital transformation in order to deliver competitive advantage and improved business performance.

Ben Caisley - JAPAC Sales & Partnerships - BeyondCorp, Google
Ben works with organisations to understand how Google's Enterprise Security portfolio can help them improve threat prevention, detection & intelligence. From understanding Google's implementation of Zero Trust (BeyondCorp), our methodology of Security Analytics across petabytes of telemetry (Chronice) to malware & threat intelligence from over a billion samples (VirusTotal). Ben is also a NSWCSIN Cyber Ambassador, working with Schools across the Greater Sydney areas to increase knowledge of Cyber Security Awareness & Careers. Prior to joining Google Cloud, Ben worked at Palo Alto Networks and at Dell leading teams in Sydney for over 14 years.

Declan Ingram - Deputy Director, CERT NZ
Declan leads the incident response team at CERT NZ. CERT NZ works to support businesses, organisations and individuals who are affected by cyber security incidents. He has the dubious pleasure of the inside story of how organisations are getting hacked every day around the world.

Simon Howard - Technical Manager, Director, ZX Security
Simon Howard is the owner and technical manager of ZX Security, a penetration testing firm based in Wellington, New Zealand. Simon also co-founded and assists with running Australasia’s largest hacker conference, Kawaiicon (previously known as Kiwicon). Simon and his team spend their days testing the security of their customers' networks, applications and people.

Korrin Balmain - Digital Collaboration Lead, Fronde
Korrin works with organisations to ensure there is alignment and a shared vision for organisational change. Focusing on adoption, reducing workplace resistance and achieving the organisations objectives. Korrin has more than 20 years experience in the IT sector, of those 10 years managing G Suite and Chrome deployments, from pre-sales through to post-deployment change management support.