Fronde is working from home

Based on the escalation of the COVID-19 crisis - causing a nationwide lockdown in New Zealand and significant  ‘non-essential’ business service restrictions across Australia - the Fronde team switched to 100% Trans-Tasman remote working - effective March 24th. 

What will change while we’re working remotely?
We successfully tested our own remote worker capabilities last week on Thursday 19th March, so its business as usual here at Fronde. We’ll be fully functional during this lockdown period, and continue to be committed to helping our customers stay connected and productive during this time. 

We are ready to meet a diverse range of needs as our current situation pivots and escalates. Remote working, resilience, productivity enhancements are all areas we are enhancing on a daily basis. Our services teams are also well equipped to assist through the myriad of planning and changes you may have ahead. We are acutely aware of the challenges ahead and will be doing our bit to keep operating in a way that continues to support and to add value to our customers. We are also staying connected with our key global partners (AWS, Google, NetSuite and Salesforce) and other local partners to ensure we supply continuity of service. 

As per normal, our entire team is available during standard business hours via video conference, phone and email. Our Managed Services’ customers will have the same support hours as per our individual agreements with you.  

If you need additional support to work through your activities during this time, please let us know, and we'll be touch to arrange a video meeting.

We’ll hopefully see you all in person again soon.