Fronde delivers Google to Noel Leeming Group

Noel Leeming Group consists of two retail brands, Noel Leeming and Bond & Bond.

As the flagship retail brand, Noel Leeming is a retail chain providing appliance, computer and electronics products. With approximately 60 stores nationwide; it strives to offer a superior standard of service and the widest possible range of branded consumer technology and appliances. Bond & Bond, also part of Noel Leeming Group, has 33 stores and provides its customers with appliance, computer and electronics products in a no frills environment. With an emphasis on audio visual, Bond & Bond offers everything from top selling appliances to computers. Together Noel Leeming Group is a nationwide chain currently consisting of more than 90 retail stores.

Darrin Harper, IT Manager at Noel Leeming said,

“We thought delivery by Gmail would be a lot easier. As it has proved to be. And with many additional benefits. All Bond & Bond and Noel Leeming store managers have migrated to Gmail.”

At the forefront of technology, Noel Leeming and Bond & Bond employees wanted increased mobility, creating the need to access email on their mobile phones. Noel Leeming Group made the decision to use Android phones that could easily deliver Gmail while on the move, and successfully deployed Google Apps within their business in 2011.

Noel Leeming Group has been impressed with Gmail’s reliability, cost savings and storage, as well as the increased mobility from receiving emails via their phone. Excited by the increasing trend of staff using Google Docs, Noel Leeming Group looks forward to exploring the many additional benefits Google Apps has to offer.

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