Simplify procurement with the NZ Government Marketplace.

Use the Marketplace to source Fronde’s 'think big, start small, scale fast' approach to technology.

Many public sector agencies struggle to achieve planned ICT delivery timeframes, often hampered by lengthy and complex procurement processes. Fronde fully supports the NZ Government Marketplace, which makes it easier for public sector agencies to access Fronde’s services and expertise without delay.

Fronde’s portfolio of Marketplace services supports unified digital platforms, collaboration technology and digital modernisation. We combine world-class cloud and platform technologies with local business expertise to help agencies maximise value from public sector funding. 

Our Marketplace services have been assessed and approved by the Department of Internal Affairs, so that you can be assured of simplifying purchasing and contracting whilst upholding the government rules of sourcing.

Fronde can help you navigate the Marketplace and customise services for your specific needs. We continue to add more services to our catalogue as the Marketplace opens new channels.

Supporting the NZ Government Marketplace

What is the Marketplace? 

Marketplace is the Department of Internal Affairs’ (DIA) flexible and secure space for agencies and suppliers to buy and sell products and services.

Launched in 2018, DIA has recently refreshed Marketplace with a new look and an expanded catalogue. At Fronde we are committed to supporting the Marketplace and continuing to expand our Marketplace portfolio.

Supported Platforms

At Fronde we know that the best strategy for adapting to tomorrow is by laying world-class foundations today. That’s why we partner with the world’s best technology providers – you might know them: AWS, Google, Salesforce, NetSuite, Oracle, Ping, SYL and more. And then we send in the talent and team to deploy them right here, right now, just for you.

Fronde’s 360°

Our latest Marketplace offerings are just one component of Fronde’s 360° portfolio of services.

We’ll be adding more to the Marketplace over time to reflect the practical help we can provide in transitioning and supporting your people, applications and systems in today’s collaborative cloud-first world.

You can join Fronde 360° at any stage of your technology’s lifecycle: from the early stages of application modernisation and design to managing your cloud platforms with CloudOps or implementing repeatable as-a-service Fronde Solutions.

We currently offer all of these services outside of the Marketplace - from consulting and advisory through to comprehensive managed services to help you manage your day to day operations.

Fronde 360° + You

We offer flexibility in how we deliver our services. Fronde 360° can be tailored to meet your needs and approach, supporting three delivery modes:

Outcomes / As-a-service: We take full responsibility for project or as-a-service outcomes.

Collaboration: We collaborate and work alongside your team, sharing responsibility for the project or service.

Fronde Fulfil: We source and provide contracted resources and experts to supplement your team. You take responsibility for the project or service.

Fronde 360°

Fronde Design

Available now via the Marketplace’s Cloud Transition Services catalogue, Fronde Design assists agencies understand the opportunities, practicalities, and pragmatic approaches to modernising ICT and adopting cloud services. Our service offerings support the goals of application & infrastructure modernisation, cloud adoption & workload transition, identity management & application security, user journey mapping, and resilience and application security.

Fronde Develop

Fronde Develop delivers the customised applications, integrated solutions and API services that run your business. Available now through the Marketplace Cloud Transition Services and Cloud Infrastructure Support catalogues, Fronde Develop applies cloud services and modern devops tools and techniques to configure and build integrated business solutions customised for your requirements. You can leverage our expertise in containerisation, serverless computing and the use of cloud-based AI and machine learning tools to get real value from your data and make your applications hum.

Fronde Deploy

Whether considering application or infrastructure transformation, digital workplace modernisation or the migration of workloads to public cloud, Fronde Deploy provides a practical, pragmatic approach to implementing and transitioning applications and systems. By default we work in collaboration with you and your team, recognising the benefits of having a close connection with the business and facilitating knowledge transfer through the deployment process. Fronde Deploy services are available now through the Marketplace Cloud Transition Services and Cloud Infrastructure Support catalogues.

Coming soon to the Marketplace

Fronde is working closely with the Department of Internal Affairs to extend our Marketplace offerings. What's in the pipeline? 

Fronde AppOps: Ongoing support and enhancement of custom & cloud applications.

Fronde Workplace: Modern cloud-based take on the digital workplace, leveraging services from Google Chrome, AWS and Microsoft.

Fronde CloudOps: Efficient support, provisioning and enhancement of public cloud platforms and hybrid infrastructure.

Fronde Solutions: Repeatable well-architected business solutions for a range of requirements including Enterprise Search, Financials Management, Membership management and Data Analytics & Insights.