Rapidly modernise your business.

Success with digital begins with knowing where to start.

Looking to modernise ageing applications such as your ERP, CRM, Service or other core applications?  With many digital investments failing to deliver an ROI, the challenge organisations face is to know where to invest.

48% Digital Investments fail to deliver an ROI
80% Revenue Improvement opportunity is outside CX
45% EBIT Improvement opportunity is outside ERP
Source: McKinsey 

Fronde specialises in modern applications, cloud infrastructure and service integration to power business transformation.

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Pivot your business in days, instead of months or years while sustaining your BAU operation. 

As Organisations come to terms with the impact of the COVID-19 crisis as it begins to play out in three phases (Lockdown, Transition and New BAU). In response to this, they are rapidly mobilising initiatives to mitigate the immediate and future business impact. 

The problem is organisations are finding the breadth and speed of business impact is beyond their BAU capability to respond and sustain services safely and securely. The outcome is they are faced with a significant business impact and reputation risk of under-delivery of services in the current and future phases of this crisis.  

If you have core business challenges and need to rapidly pivot your business, get in touch. We have a unique combination of expertise and access to the world's best Cloud partners (AWS, Salesforce and Google) to enable you to power your business modernisation at any time.

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Rapid Cloud Deployment

Fronde’s Rapid Cloud Deployment is a proven methodology that helps businesses confidently navigate through this process. Our integration expertise with the world's best Cloud Platforms combined with rapid design thinking and prototyping enables us to stand up working solutions that can be placed in the hands of users within days instead of weeks or months.

Our recent iQuarantine application was developed in less than 2 weeks in partnership with Alphero and NEC Corporation and is a good example of how this methodology supported a big problem that was tackled rapidly in times of crisis.

Accelerate development velocity and reduce TCO with Serverless.

Serverless is a computing model that allows organisations to consume and pay for the execution of code they need for each distinct action. While many organisations are focused on modern development techniques including containerisation, most are unaware of the dramatic increase in Development Velocity and exponentially lower Total Cost of Ownership of incorporating Serverless into their development projects. Talk to us about integrating Serverless into your development projects.

Reinvent your day-to-day with intelligent Managed Services.

Yesterdays 'Business as Usual' was invented in a world that is rapidly disappearing. For your business to transform, you need time to think, innovate and adapt. Fronde's support capability integrates into your support environment and can bring modern DevOps and CI/CD practices to keep your organisation running smoothly throughout your digital transformation.

Flexible Consulting & Professional Services.

We have expertise and experience in hybrid and multi-cloud transitions across a range of leading cloud services, including Google, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Salesforce, Ping identity management, and integration with private cloud and Microsoft services.

Our Cloud Transition Services enable enterprises and the public sector to adopt and transition to cloud software, platforms and services.

Our Cloud Infrastructure Support Services are designed to support customers in envisaging, designing, implementing and supporting business solutions built on cloud infrastructure and application services.