Is your organisation ready to compete in this digital world? 

Success with digital starts with integrated technology, application modernisation and organisational agility.

Change is now ever more relentless; fueled by the evolution of digital technologies. To scale and accelerate, technology needs to be at the heart of your organisation. Transform your organisation and modernise your technology stack in parallel to close the Acceleration Gap.

We specialise in end-to-end integration of processes and technology, helping you to modernise and create agility within your organisation. This closes the gap between existing and desired future digital platform capability.

Modernise today

Business Modernisation

Future-proof your applications

Our approach to modernising your application portfolio ensures continuous cycles of success and stakeholder alignment. Make the most of new, current and emerging technology to meet your business goals, now and in the future.

End-to-end digital integration

When confronted with a platform integration project, people tend to get paralyzed by the amount of information and the inability to consolidate opinion across their business. We combine our agile approach with design thinking, and delivery of business outcomes to support your accelerated journey towards digital modernisation.

End-to-end integration gives your business the opportunity to scale, quickly.

Live and breathe organisational agility

Every business faces the challenge of 'keeping up'. Emerging competitors are disruptive and nimble, Shadow IT is increasing, and customers are looking for the best experiences possible. The only continuously successful pathway is organisational agility.

With Fronde, we ensure the right planning, change management and investment to mobilise your workforce and engage your customers towards this future state.

Effortless everyday work

Beyond your core systems, collaboration is at the heart of successful organisations. Typically team communication is scattered across emails, meetings, and multiple document folders. To do your best work we all need collaborative tools that work seamlessly. Those tools are simple, smart, secure and real-time.

Fronde’s modernisation services make this a reality.