Harness the power of infinite possibility. 

Accelerate your future growth using new and emerging technologies, disruptive collaboration and digital transformation.

Speed is the new currency in business.  Ensuring our customers accelerate successfully is at the centre of what we do.  If your chosen Acceleration Gap strategy is business acceleration, Fronde is your collaboration partner of choice.

By leveraging our knowledge of new, emerging and technologies and disruptive collaboration we enable organisations to innovate, scale and accelerate.

Become a digitally empowered business. We help you pivot away from using technology to support the business, towards using technology as a lever of successful growth. We do this by helping customers align their business and technology strategies.  This leverages existing digital investments and then facilitates the adoption of emerging technologies.

Accelerate today

Business Acceleration

Choose your emerging tech wisely

New technologies that are on-trend include AI, IoT and Machine Learning. But they need to be useful and provide real value to your organisation.

Choosing what to replace, what new technologies to invest in, and how to position yourself for what is emerging is a challenge. Businesses have to consider the investment order, balance the right combination of technologies and their integration into business as usual. 

Is your work culture keeping pace with change?

Digital has changed how we live and work. Yet most organisations are stuck with legacy technology, tools and processes. The inertia of those traditional work patterns and legacy tools can cause collaboration to fail. Successful transformation requires people working together.

We don't just integrate tech, we manage the change process as well.

Think Big. Start Small. Scale Fast.

Building for the future means disrupting the status quo to transform your business. Its not just about the technology you select, but how you implement it. More and more businesses are realising they need a different approach that will give them better and faster business results from their digital initiatives.

Unify your digital and business strategies

Digital is fueling change, your competitors are using it, and it is integral to future-proofing your business strategy. Take advantage of the opportunity to use digital to accelerate your organisation. Talk to us about assessing your digital maturity and how to unify your digital & business strategies.