Tap into Google's world-class infrastructure and robust solution set to build, operate, and grow your business in today's complex, multi-cloud environment.

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Global cloud working is disruptive collaboration

Moving your business IT into the cloud has never been easier and Google Cloud suite will help you introduce collaboration tools and digital workspaces as well as modernise your IT stack.  Cloud computing services by Google support:

  • Infrastructure modernisation
  • Data management
  • Application development
  • Smart business analytics and AI
  • Productivity and work transformation

You are facing challenges because your teams are in disparate locations and working across different software and BYOD hardware.  Business communications are contained in email, documents, folders on local drives and servers and operationally you know that you need improved collaboration tools to streamline working practices.

When you choose the serverless cloud environment you are enabling your teams to self-serve their IT needs and improve collaboration.  New working practices emerge horizontally and vertically through your business when virtualised apps are deployed.  

Businesses looking for Office 365 alternatives for their mobile workforces choose Google Cloud and its API gateway because they will not compromise security.

Choose Google Cloud + Fronde

We have been delivering G-Suite technologies since they launched in 2005 and the recent introduction of Chromebook hardware means Google can now support your conference rooms, digital signage as well as kiosk tablets in reception.  We are excited by the possibilities which come from integration with complementary technologies alongside business managers seeking cost and efficiency advantages.  

Fronde can guide your migration from ageing servers to flexible, cost-contained cloud solutions that flexibly adapt to your future business needs.  Let us design, build and manage your Google Cloud implementation and also your ongoing support needs.

Cloud and Frontline Worker

As digital technology innovation continues to evolve, your employees depends on having the right tools and information at their fingertips.

Cloud Native devices can fill the gap in employee experience by: 

  • Securing intellectual property
  • Increasing worker productivity
  • Improving customer experience
  • Delivery cost savings

The future of working isn’t tomorrow. It’s now. Talk to us today.

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"On average, with Chrome OS + G Suite, organisations can achieve an ROI of 359% and have a payback period of 6 months."

- Forrester 2019