Amazon Web Services are reliable, scalable and inexpensive cloud computing services. The #1 dominant cloud solution.

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Pay as you go cloud computing platforms

Amazon’s secure web services platform provides compute power, database storage and content delivery powered by managed databases to store information. It is a world-leading Internet as a Services (IaaS) solution.

  • 66 Availability zones globally within 21 geographic regions
  • Product groupings to suit 23 separate business situations from Technology Integration to IoT and Blockchain to Media
  • Industry applications include retail, oil and gas, manufacturing and automotive
  • Serverless API Gateway supports developer portal deployment

The portfolio of services on AWS has now over 20 categories and more than 90 services.  Many services have similar offerings which can be a challenge to find the use case best suited to your needs.

Recognised as an easy-to-use service, the AWS Management Console can be configured in minutes and is favoured for server migration “lift-and-shift” operations.  The challenge in moving to managed services and serverless development environments is deciding whether to re-write or re-purpose applications ahead of the migration.  Many businesses find software which is over 15 years old costs too much to support and so the cost implications of platform choice also affect legacy software applications.

Choose AWS + Fronde

Successful AWS users always credit a mix of skills including experts in managed services as well as software migration specialists.  Experienced AWS practitioners explain that its ease of use is deceptive because most of the AWS benefits come after platform optimisation and aligning the solution to the value proposition for the business needs.  

Let Fronde write your Board proposal and business case during the procurement process for selecting AWS.

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"Cloud computing is shifting from an isolated delivery option to an all-encompassing computing strategy.... By 2022, public cloud services will be essential for 90% of business innovation."

- Gartner, December 2018