Destination -> Digital 

Digital technology is evolving radically, it is disrupting and fundamentally altered how we live and work.

Over the past 10 years, there has been a r/evolution of working practices. Organisations are investing in Design Thinking, Dev-Ops and Agile practices to increase their performance and keep up with  the world around them. Hierarchical structures have flattened to facilitate faster more democratic decision making. At the centre of all of this change is one critical capability, employee collaboration.

Has your workplace kept up with this pace of change?
Most organisations are stuck with legacy technology, tools and processes that haven’t yet adapted to change. Typically team communication is scattered across emails, meetings, and multiple document folders. Those files sit on local drives, networks and in the cloud.

When your workforce are cloud workers,  but your organisation is stuck using traditional work patterns and legacy tools, there is a disconnect between how employees want to naturally work, versus what tools they can use in the workplace. Your workforce wants their work-life to be just as easy as their personal lives.

A recent study from Google and Forrester found:
On average 4.6 hours of work time is spent in a web browser each day (that is over half a standard day!).

77%  of people prefer technology that gives them freedom to choose where and how they work (AKA flexible working arrangements).

4% of employees work while commuting, traveling, or at home (because let’s be honest, we live on our mobile devices).

Isn’t it It about time that using your everyday work tools was as effortless as ordering an Uber?

The question to ask is, how can you get the best technology that will improve your employee’s experience and create better results for your business? Beyond your core systems, collaboration is at the heart of successful organisations. The problem is that over the past 30 years the traditional technology desktop has not kept up to pace with modern work practices.  This has resulted in frustration when using outdated tools, or teams and individuals operating in technology silos with the growth of easy to install cloud based apps and shadow IT.

To do your best work, for your organisation to grow, we all need collaborative tools that work seamlessly. As the workplace continues to accelerate, and evolve, selecting the right tools, creating collaborative processes and future proofing for the “cloud worker”  should be top of mind. When your destination is to be digital. Your organisation needs to accelerate its future growth using technology and disruptive collaboration and digital transformation. To unify your digital and business strategy and approach to employee collaboration. By leveraging our knowledge of new, emerging and technologies we enable organisations to collaborate, innovate, and scale.

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