Competitive Advantage Through Application Modernisation

14 Oct 2016

Smart organisations are turning traditional thinking on its head, by building a Digital Platform from disruptive technologies to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

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Inside Fronde's Walls

A sneak peak behind the scenes at Fronde 15 Sep 2016

*“There’s a huge satisfaction in knowing you’ve contributed to something that will make a lasting difference.”

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The Modern Flexi Workplace: Increasing Employee Engagement with Emerging Technology

Increasing Employee Engagement with Emerging Technology 13 Sep 2016

Imagine we live in a world where going to work meant not actually being at work.

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Are we witnessing the birth of the next generation of IT? Part I

10 Aug 2016

There is an opportunity for IT to revolutionise how end users work and organisations operate. The connected economy is evolving, challenging and shifting the way we have been operating in work environments.

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The Business Cloud - It's Like Farming Sheep

20 Jul 2016

I hate the hype that goes with Cloud. In the IT industry we unfortunately make it harder (through the use of jargon), not easier for business leaders to understand. With so much technology and so many terms that the average person can’t comprehend, it’s no wonder people get confused and don’t know where to start.

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Finance & Accounting Professionals: You thought you were busy now?

The Revenue Recognition Tsunami is Coming (aka IFSR 15). Are you prepared? 20 Jul 2016

You already know that financial accountants, financial controllers and CFO’s work harder and have more to do than anyone else appreciates.Things are about to become busier, sooner than you think.. As of 1 January 2018, you will be required to have implemented the new Revenue Recognition standard IFRS 15. To make matters worse, this standard has a retrospective application.

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Spend More Time Away From Loved Ones...

06 Jul 2016

I've always felt there was an inverse relationship between air points/miles/ (choose your frequent flyer option). 

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5 Steps To Successful Cloud Migration

01 Jul 2016

Digital Transformation is a direct response to the threat and the opportunity presented by Digital Disruption - where small nimble start up organisations are heavily substituting traditional products and services with new offerings, built on the speed and agility of a digital platform.

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Shadow IT - Digital Transformation By Stealth?

21 Jun 2016

*Is Shadow IT Just Another Form Of Digital Disruption?*

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Full interview with James Valentine on IDC Tech Trends for 2016

James Valentine, CTO Fronde, interview 10 May 2016

IDC Technology Trends report for 2016 highlights some key findings on technology prediction trends for 2016. James Valentine, CTO Fronde, answers some questions with direct responses surrounding these key findings, focusing on ‘The importance of Digital Transformation’, ‘Customer intimacy and engagement’, ‘Internet of Things (IoT), and ‘IT spend allocation’. He ends with some summary thoughts and insights into how digital technologies can transform a business, and what companies need to do now in order to survive.

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